Making Money As A Teen

So you’re a young person and you’d like money to spend on, books, video games or clothes? Well, you’re in the right place!

The first way I’m going to talk about is things you can do around the house. This is good because almost everyone has something that they can do to help out and get paid a small amount for. So you have no excuse. There are many things you can do but you want to think about what needs doing in you’re personal house so there’s no right or wrong thing for me to tell you. For example, if you have a Gardner that your parents pay for, then chances are they wouldn’t benefit from you helping in the garden. These are some of the jobs I used to do which could pay me, anything from £5 up to £30 for a full day.

  • Gardening. The great thing about this is that in many cases there is almost unlimited amounts of gardeneing you can do, an hour, all day, maybe even a week. Anything from weeding to cutting trees, this was one of my biggest sources of income. I would normally get around £7 an hour.
  • Lawnmowing. This is one of my faverouts on this list purely down to the fact that, if you do cut the grass and get paid, (I would get between £10 and £15). Within a week or 2 it would need doing again. In fact, during on of the summer months I mowed the grass twice a week, for £10each. I was earning over £80 a month! Certainly would recommend this to everyone that can do it.
  • Paper-round. If your okay with getting up early and would enjoy cycling in even the coldest of winter mornings, then this is the perfect job for you. A paper round, in case you didn’t already no what it is, is where you deliver newspapers, usually every morning, for the small shops/corner shops in yours area. This job is very easy to apply for, you only have to walk in and ask if they have any jobs available, if not then I’m sure there are many more corner shops in your area you can try. Doing a paper round in very good but, you won’t get much more than £3 per paper round so, come the end of the week, make sure your newsagents paid you properly.
  • Babey-Sitting. Babey sitting is great since it’s very easy and pays very well. If you know of any neighbours with young children then I’m sure they’d be very happy to have you to call at short notice if need be. You can babey sit for a neighbour but also for a family member, aunties, uncles. It can pay between £7 and £15 per hour.
  • Poket money. Now, if you already do chores like, cleaning, ironing and washing the dishes, then chances are you already get pocket money. But, if not then you should ask your parents if you could revive pocket money every week if you promise to help out with these things and more. Some parents might be against the idea, then respect that and still help out since you won’t become rich from it, but chances are your parents will be open to the idea. I would get £5 a week around the ages of 9/10 but then it went up to £7 a week when I was 14.

I hope this has helped you in some way, don’t forget to check out my other blogs on,How To Make Money Online, and How To Write Your First Blog

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