How To Write Your First Blog

So you’ve heard about blog writing, and you want to know where to get started? Well to be honest with you, its super easy and depending on if you want a personal domain (the link to your website) or not, it can be free. But you need to be writing about a Niche Topic or it wont gain traffic.

First off i would like you to actually forget about writing huge paragraphs and having 100,000 views a day, because before all of this you need great ideas. No one can give you ideas, they have to be something personal to you or your blogs will be, well just rubbish.

The way i went about writing my first blog was, by firstly actually using- The Top Guide To Blog Writing but thanks to that i then grabbed a thick notebook from my study and i just started writing. I started answering some simple questions.

  • What do you do in your free time?
  • What is different about you?
  • What actually gets you excited when you talk about it?(or even just thinking about it)
  • If you could have a whole day to yourself with no worries or stresses and money wasn’t a thing, then what would you do?

Once you have answered some questions, then you should look through all of your answer’s and you choose your favourite thing out of all of them. What really gets your heart pumping? Take your time because the Internets going nowhere. Take a few days at least just brainstorming ideas about it before you move onto actually writing, this is probably one of the most important things you can do.

So after all of this you should be in a position where you have a good idea what you want to write about and what kind of style your going for, is it information, maybe experiences and things you have done, or just writing for fun about, well anything.


After all of this there are a few options,

if you are wanting to do it for free then there are many websites which can help you a lot of the way, although it sounds good you wont have full control over the website which can cause problems later on like which i talk about later.

Or you can pay a small fee a month which will enable you to have full control over the website, i would highly recommend this.

Free And Easy

So i’m almost definitely sure that you have heard about websites like, Wix  and WordPress. If you want a guide on how to make a website this is the best i have found- How to be successful with your website. Basically how these websites work is that they have set templates which you choose from, clothing websites to dog training, and you just write your stuff over the top. Yes, this sounds great but you have to be aware that unless you pay a monthly fee then you domain would look something like this, Not so good is it. They will also place adverts around your websites linking back to their own website. You also wont be able to monetise (earn from) your website, with another company in your domain which yes, might not be a problem to you but its things to be aware of.

So yes you can do it for free but there will definitely be huge sacrifices you will have to make.

The Other Way

The other ways you can go about it are,

  1. You can still use the websites mentioned above but pay Wix or WordPress to choose your own domain name, i highly recommend this.
  2. Or if your a computer geek then you can even code your own website for free nut you ill still have to buy your own domain.

I hope this has helped you in someway or another but make sure you check out my other blogs as well.


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